Why we’re excited about ISO 50001

We could tell you that the Musgrave Group’s recent €15 million contract with Electric Ireland will help us achieve ISO 50001. We could add that we think this is one of the most exciting and impressive energy developments of recent times for Musgrave. You could, however, quite reasonably, ask: “What is ISO 50001?”

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization. And it’s big — with a membership of some 160 national standards bodies. So when it says: “ISO only develops standards for which there is a clear market requirement”, you can bet there’s a fair amount of support for that assertion. As for ISO 50001, that’s the standard that provides public and private sector organizations with management strategies to increase energy efficiency, reduce costs and improve energy performance.

And that’s what this contract will help us to achieve. It’s based on the supply of 100% renewable energy and comes with energy efficiency audit support. That means that Musgrave is getting the energy it needs in a large number of sites in the Republic and Northern Ireland, that the supply meets our commitment to efficiency, costs savings and the environment and that Electric Ireland’s advice and support will help us to ensure we keep it that way.

As a rather nice bonus, it fits in with our support for Irish business: this is the first time that Musgrave’s depots and owned stores have aligned themselves with an Irish electricity provider for 100% renewable energy supply.

And, of course, it will help us achieve ISO 50001!


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