TidyTowns competition continues to enrich Irish communities in its 60th year

Last month was the launch of the 2018 SuperValu TidyTowns competition which is now in its 60th year – an incredible achievement.

For over 25 of those years SuperValu has been the sponsor for this great Irish institution. This is one of the longest-running, unbroken sponsorships in Ireland – and there is certainly no sign of the partnership coming to an end.

For Musgrave, connecting one of our leading brands, with an event that is about local communities coming together, goes right to the core of our business. TidyTowns, administered by the Department of Rural and Community Development, brings volunteers up and down the country together every year to work hard to improve the appearance of their locality and make their own town or village more attractive for residents and visitors alike.

However, TidyTowns, is more than just a competition about improving how an area looks, the competition has evolved and grown over the years to become all about bringing people together, fostering a sense of pride in their local area, and inspiring people into giving their time to improve where they live. This helps to deepen local relations and encourage a strong community spirit.

At Musgrave, we believe that initiatives like TidyTowns are integral to maintaining vibrant Irish communities throughout the island.

We congratulate all the TidyTowns volunteers for achieving 60 years of unstinting commitment to our Irish communities.

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