The meat of the matter

You probably already know that SuperValu stocks 100 per cent fresh Irish meat. However, that on its own should not convince you of the benefits of buying at SuperValu. We go to a lot of trouble to source local fresh meat but as a discerning shopper you no doubt want to know a lot more about your food than that.

We can’t blame you – so would we. The first thing we’d want is independent proof of its quality. SuperValu has that – from both Bord Bia, which approves its meat, and from shoppers like you, who give its meat top marks (our thanks to Dublin-based research company RED C for that).

The second thing we’d want to know is a more serious concern: traceability. That was always important but after last year’s horsemeat DNA scandal it became headline news. Well, we were one of the few groups not affected by the 2013 horsemeat scandal. But that on its own is not a guarantee for the future and was certainly no ground for complacency. Therefore traceable meat and a clearly defined, carefully monitored supply chain are an established part of Musgrave business across all partners and operations.

SuperValu in particular was the first retailer in Ireland to adopt the DNA Traceback Programme for Pigmeat products so you know where your pork comes from, right back to its origins. And Musgrave as a whole is continually DNA testing own brand output and updating its food fraud prevention and avoidance systems.

The third thing we’d ask is how we plan to keep up the good work. Well, Hurley’s SuperValu in Midleton was the first store in the country to secure the Bord Bia Quality Assured Butcher Counter. It won’t be the last.

And, finally, just how committed is Supervalu to Irish meat? Independent data (a tip of the hat to Kantar on this occasion) shows that SuperValu sold over 41,000 tonnes of Irish sourced Bord Bia approved fresh meat in the 52 weeks to June 22nd – that’s better than anyone else.

That’s the meat of the matter – and what matters when you buy meat.

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