SuperValu offering customers greener choices as they trial Ireland’s LARGEST Supermarket Eco-Range

SuperValu launches a trial range of 65 Eco Friendly products in 12 SuperValu stores

SuperValu today announced plans to bring the largest Eco-Range to 12 SuperValu stores around Ireland. The full range includes products from four environmentally friendly brands with household ranges that will help customers shop and live more sustainably. The range of 65 products offers customers a sustainable alternative to kitchen and household essentials and supports them in thinking green with their shopping choices.

The full product range is now on trial in 12 SuperValu stores. The launch comes just in time for back to school, so parents and children alike can start the school year right with reusable and environmentally friendly lunch storage options, party ranges and eco household items. Many of the products in the range will help reduce and reuse packaging.

The new range of eco products aims to offer customers choice as they move away from a disposable lifestyle, with the Bee’s Wrap Sandwich wrap a perfect solution for school lunches, reusable Bamboo Towels to replace kitchen towel and reusable organic cotton Terry cleansing pads that can be used for removing make-up and then used again and again. Not only will the range help customers save money in the long run as products are reusable but customers will be helping the environment along the way.

Where reusing isn’t an option SuperValu want to help customers buy products that are still environmentally friendly. If you’re throwing a party or eating out of home the eco-friendly party range has everything you need from pure sugarcane bowls to compostable straws made from renewable energy sources. In the kitchen the Ecover range will have those on kitchen duties covered with washing-up liquid, dishwasher tablets and multi-surface spray.

This announcement follows the introduction of SuperValu’s 100% compostable reusable shopping bags last week and the introduction of fully compostable fruit and vegetable bags for customers in 2018, to date resulting in 2.7 million single-use plastic bags being removed from stores.

Martin Kelleher, Managing Director of SuperValu, said of the launch, “I am delighted to announce that we are now trialing a new Eco-Range in a number of SuperValu stores. We are committed to providing our customers with more sustainable choices. We recognise that this is important to our customers and for the environment. We will continue working to reduce and eliminate plastic where possible giving our customers more and more sustainable choices.”

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SuperValu is the FIRST Irish supermarket to introduce 100% compostable reusable shopping bags

SuperValu is on a mission to change the world one bag at a time

SuperValu has announced that from 9th September 100% compostable & reusable shopping bags will be available in our stores. A first for any Irish retailer, the introduction of these bags to SuperValu stores will result in a massive 2.5 million plastic bags being removed from circulation. This is the first bag available in Irish supermarkets that is both reusable and compostable. This announcement follows the introduction of fully compostable fruit and vegetable bags for customers in 2018, to date resulting in 2.7 million single-use plastic bags being removed from stores. Both initiatives are just two steps SuperValu is taking as part of their sustainable packaging strategy to make 100% of its Own Brand and fresh fruit and vegetable packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025. Already an enormous 113 tonnes of plastic have been removed from fruit and veg packaging; by eliminating plastic where possible, introducing compostable alternatives and reducing the weight of plastic packaging.

The SuperValu shopping bag is priced at 89cent, 100% compostable and made from a blend of renewable raw materials.  When the bag has been used as many times as possible and is ready for the bin it can be disposed of in the brown bin that is found in most homes and many businesses and is then fully broken down once taken to industrial composting sites, turning into water and CO2 within 90 days.

SuperValu is committed to minimising the use of plastic by eliminating, reducing and replacing conventional plastics and is continuously working with suppliers to consider the most sustainable options to reduce plastic, protect the safety and quality of food and to prevent food waste.  The supermarket is continually looking for ways to reduce or replace plastic; from the new compostable SuperValu salad bowls, now in store, to the largest loose fruit and veg offering in any Irish supermarket. Further loose items will be trialled in SuperValu stores and some stores are already selling loose coffee, spices, tea, pulses and cheeses.

Martin Kelleher, Managing Director of SuperValu, said of the launch, “Our customers expect SuperValu to help them make more sustainable choices and we’re committed to doing just that. Reducing our environmental impact on the planet is a core focus of our overall strategy to help build sustainable communities and we have already made significant steps forward in this area.  We are delighted to be the first Irish supermarket to introduce 100% reusable compostable bags in-store and will continue to explore ways of reducing plastic in innovative ways, making sure we meet our pledge to make 100% of our Own Brand and fresh fruit and vegetable packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.”

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Musgrave MarketPlace invests €2.6 million to upgrade Galway and Derry branches

Investment will transform each branch into a state-of-the-art Food Emporium and reduce their carbon footprint.

Musgrave MarketPlace, Ireland’s leading wholesale supplier to foodservice, retail and SME businesses, announced that €2.6m has been invested in upgrading their Galway (€1.7m) and Derry (€0.9m) branches across the first six months of 2019.

The work to upgrade the Galway and Derry branches is the latest step in a €12.6m plan which Musgrave MarketPlace has undertaken to transform each branch into a state-of-the-art Food Emporium and improve their environmental performance, reducing their carbon footprint.

Investment in the Galway and Derry branches follows branch upgrades in Dublin’s Ballymun and Robinhood, Cork and Duncrue in Belfast.

The newly revamped branches in Galway (opening on 24th July), and Derry (opened on 20th June) have been designed with the customer and environment in mind. As well as offering amazing value, great service and a broader product range, the newly revamped branch in Galway includes a new Food Theatre for product demonstrations, a bespoke butchery counter, a new coffee counter, as well as in-branch expert advice.

All upgraded branches have been designed to save energy and reduce carbon emissions. It is estimated that Musgrave MarketPlace Galway will reduce its CO2 output by 82,000kg per annum, which is equivalent to the annual electricity required to run 50 homes.

As part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to eliminating food waste, Musgrave MarketPlace Galway have joined forces with social enterprise company FoodCloud. The partnership sees surplus food go to charity. So far in 2019, Musgrave MarketPlace Galway have donated over 2,000 meals to local Galway charities.

Speaking on the investment in Musgrave MarketPlace branches in 2019, Noel Keeley, Managing Director of Musgrave MarketPlace, said:

“Today marks another significant milestone in our brand journey. Our €2.6m investment in Galway and Derry is the next step on this journey and forms part of our €12.6m investment in our branch network.

Upgrading our branches is a response to the changing needs of our customers, needs that were not present 10 years ago. Our Food Emporium format gives our customers a greater range across all products from world foods to bespoke meat cutting in branch and crockery and equipment. Additional services available to our customers include a team of Product Specialists, a Trends Expert, dedicated chef skills masterclasses and retailer workshops. Our brand essence; First for Service, First for Value and First for Choice, is at the core of everything we do, and we are focused on delivering our customers a first-class customer experience.”

Other new features at Musgrave MarketPlace Galway and Derry will include:

  • An upgraded ‘Click and Collect’ offering which allows customers to place orders online, hassle-free. Customers can park in the conveniently located Click & Collect parking spots at the store exit and, if they have paid online, have their order brought out to the car when they call the Click & Collect number. Alternatively, they can pick up some extra items in branch while their order is being brought to the till where they can then pay for all of their items.
  • Navigating the store has been made easier than ever thanks to a colour blocking system, which aligns with a map on your trolley.
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Addressing the sustainability challenge

We’re proud of our success in food retail. Together with our retail partners we serve about a third of the Irish population, supplying everything from daily food requirements to regional artisan specialities.

However, this is a business that makes a lot of demands on the environment. Delivering food to shops, keeping it fresh and supplying an appealing shopping environment for over a million customers can, if not managed carefully, use up a lot of energy. But we don’t want to compromise our reputation for efficiency and good service. What can we do?

In fact, we’ve been answering that question for some time. Our retail partner, and Ireland’s leading grocery retailer, SuperValu has a strong track record of introducing energy-efficient equipment to its independent stores. Energy-saving refrigeration cabinet doors and LED lighting are already making a difference to energy usage in a number of major SuperValu stores across the island of Ireland.

Of course, there is always more we can do. Which is why solar panels will be installed in up to 30 of SuperValu’s stores over the next two years – and why SuperValu is committing to the reduction of energy consumption across its estate by 20 per cent over the next two years.

These solar PV panels won’t just supply a portion of the electricity the stores need. Some of the electricity generated by the solar panels will also be used to supply energy to electric car charging points at selected stores.

These are not isolated initiatives. Solar panels and energy-efficient stores help us and our partners to reduce the environmental impact of our businesses, but we are also doing a lot more.

Our ambition is to be the most trusted and most sustainable brand in Ireland. This ambition has inspired a sustainability strategy which we call Taking care of our world. It brings together a number of environmentally friendly initiatives, like using renewable energy, reducing food waste, and cutting down on packaging. In fact it goes much further – for example, supporting local food entrepreneurs, offering healthy food promotions and working with food redistribution charities. And that’s far from all, as a quick look at our sustainability pages of our website will make clear.

This isn’t just an Irish challenge, of course; it’s a global one. In 2015, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were published. They included guidelines on what businesses could do to make their operations more sustainable. Musgrave became one of the first companies globally to embed the UN principles in its sustainability strategy. We have, in fact, placed them at the core of our day-to-day business activities.

So, yes, we are proud of our success in Ireland’s food retail business. But we are equally proud that this success goes hand in hand with a strategy that is clearly addressing the sustainability challenge.

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