Inspiring healthier lives

We will improve the health of 2 million consumers across the island of Ireland.

Inspiring healthier lives

Given that we feed one in three people on the island of Ireland, we recognise our responsibility to provide healthier choices, especially in the context of our own brands. Shoppers are increasingly aware of and interested in the food they eat, the ingredients in the products they choose and the nutritional information on the packaging.

Our supermarkets and conveniences stores aren’t just somewhere to buy food, they offer nutritional advice, food demonstrations and personal service. SuperValu’s Castletroy store even has a living herb wall, from which customers can cut the herbs they need, reducing packaging and food waste, as well as encouraging healthy eating.

In Centra we have completely transformed an industry associated with sweets, high fat foods and alcohol to a convenience offering that is focused on fresh and healthy food options at any time of day.

Product reformulation

We all know that eating too much salt, sugar and fat is bad for us, so we are doing our bit to make sure people can enjoy the food they love without putting their health at risk. Since 2016 we have been cutting levels of sugar, salt and saturated fat in our own brand products, without affecting the taste, texture or quality. For example, we have reduced salt in our pre-pack cooked chicken and turkey ranges by 40% and reduced sugar by 30% in our ranges of Greek style and children’s yoghurts.

Healthy innovations

Centra has been leading the way in offering healthier food choices over the last decade. New store designs and new products make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for. Inspired by Centra is the new brand which offers healthy food-to-go choices, like cold pressed juices and fresh soups, as well as take-home products like ready meals made with the best ingredients. And Green Kitchen is Centra’s new healthy takeaway option, offering a range of freshly-made salad boxes. By offering tasty and healthy alternatives like these, we hope to improve the eating habits and health of our shoppers.

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