SuperValu’s Signature Tastes Irish Strawberries signal summer’s return

SuperValu’s Signature Tastes Irish Strawberries have proved a firm favourite with Irish customers, and the flavoursome fruit is now back in-store. Only available at the height of the season, SuperValu’s Signature Tastes Irish Strawberries are known for their sweet, vibrant flavours, and quality taste and texture. The strawberries are produced by Keeling’s in North County Dublin, who have been operating and innovating in the fresh produce industry since 1926, and now employ over 2,700 people. With sustainability at the heart of their operations, Keeling’s grow, source, and market high-quality produce, farming over 2,000 acres.

This summer, SuperValu’s ‘Best Tasting Now’ campaign will inform customers of local and Irish produced food that offers premium taste and flavour when in-season. Grown from the premium Zara and Lusa varieties which have won several international awards for their taste and quality, SuperValu’s Signature Tastes Irish Strawberries will be the highlight of any summer dessert.

The campaign is being undertaken due to growing consumer interest in seasonal, Irish produce. SuperValu expects to sell double the volume of Signature Tastes Irish Strawberries this season when compared to 2022 due to the increase in demand for seasonal, Irish produce.

Ian Allen, Managing Director, SuperValu, said: “I am delighted to see our Best Tasting Now campaign return to stores around Ireland, so that we can advise our customers of the fantastic local and Irish in-season product on offer. Our customers can enjoy heightened flavours, tastes, and desserts throughout the summer season. Our SuperValu Signature Tastes Strawberries are sure to be a highlight of many a shopping basket and I look forward to enjoying many of these premium fruits throughout the season.”

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