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Most industries can point to specific awards that recognise excellence and achievement whether it be artistic, technical, inventive or just sheer hard work. And of course it’s especially gratifying when a respected commentator or group puts its name to awards recognising achievement in your industry — and cites you as one of the leading examples.

One of the priorities among Musgrave and our retail partners is an unstinting commitment to fresh food excellence. We are proud of having kept fresh standards high while prices remain reasonable, however tough that can be in the present economic climate. We’re also proud to see that this effort has been noted.

And not just noted once. SuperValu retailers, who won seven top awards at the recent Checkout magazine Best in Fresh Awards have received recognition in so many areas of fresh food excellence that it’s hard to know where to start. Awards for best offerings in fresh fruit and veg, fish, baking and dairy, not to mention creativity were nicely rounded off by the Best Medium Supermarket award to Ryan’s SuperValu in Grange and the Best Large Supermarket award to Field’s SuperValu in Skibbereen for its ‘continuous delivery of an outstanding selection of fresh food across the entire store and its strong visible support of local suppliers’.

Awards aren’t a motivation in themselves of course. SuperValu retailers are strong believers in fresh food excellence and aware that it is the public who are the final arbiters of whether they are getting it right. But recognition from our own industry is certainly the icing on the (freshly-baked) cake.

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