Musgrave Welcomes New Members to the BITCI Network

As a proud holder of the Business Working Responsibly Mark from Business in the Community Ireland (BITCI) Musgrave is pleased to welcome the eight Irish companies who today have been named as the newest members of the BITCI network of Ireland’s leading companies dedicated to CSR and sustainability.

Audited by the NSAI, the mark is based on ISO 26000 and looks at how its member organisations, treat customers, employees, suppliers, communities and the environment.

At Musgrave we are very proud to be a member of the BITCI community. As a sixth generation family business with a 140-year heritage and a strong set of values that guide our actions, Musgrave genuinely cares for people and for the planet. This is why we became one of the first companies worldwide to embed the UN Sustainability Goals in our strategy and why our purpose is Growing Good Business – because at Musgrave, we don’t believe growth should come at the expense of doing the right thing.

“As a family business that thinks long term, the Musgrave approach to sustainability is hardwired into the very DNA of Musgrave.  It is rooted in the foundations of our business, brought to life through our brands and drives our way of working, be it among our retail partners, suppliers or colleagues.

As the leading grocery retailer and wholesaler in Ireland we have a unique position in the Irish food supply chain and through our partnership with almost 1500 SMEs, local retailers; we are at the heart of every community across the country. This provides us with the opportunity, if not the responsibility, to positively impact those within our sphere of influence – we are committed to using our position to help and to influence SMEs in this country to become more sustainable. There is no reason why a sustainable approach to business cannot equally apply to a small business in a rural environment as a large business in an urban metropolis. For me the same principles apply – make it authentic and practical for the business, its people and customers and the environment in which they operate. Through supporting our people, our customers and our local communities we can create sustainable wealth for the benefit of all stakeholders in the long term.  In effect, this is our sustainability strategy – caring for people, the planet and prosperity.

I would like to welcome those companies who have joined the BITCI network today. At Musgrave we have found that the achievement of the Mark strengthens our ability to make a real impact and we look forward to working in partnership with others to inspire a sustainable network of positive change.” Chris Martin, CEO of Musgrave Group.  

Chris also sits on the board of Business in the Community Ireland.

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