Musgrave saves road miles in 2009

As part of investing in its brands to support its retail partners Britain, Musgrave is continuing to improve its supply chain effectiveness and efficiency. By the end of 2009 the business expects to save over 1.3 million road miles through utilising its backhauling network, compared to the 310,000 miles saved in 2007.

Says Phil Smith, Managing Director, Budgens and Londis: “This simple, yet effective way of reducing road miles and saving CO2 emissions is a winning formula for the business, our retail partners, supplier partners and the environment.

Backhauling involves using the same vehicle, that has just delivered to a store, picking up products from a nearby supplier en route back to the retailer service centres (RSCs), rather than the supplier delivering stock direct to the RSCs on its own vehicles.

Throughout 2009 the business anticipates backhauling some 16 million cases from supplier to RSC, working with around 175 suppliers, compared to 42 suppliers back in 2007.

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