Musgrave Group statement re Fine Gael Trade Bill

Musgrave Group categorically opposed to illegal, unfair and unsustainable business practices

In response to the Fine Gael Bill on Fair Trade published today Musgrave Group has stated that it does not engage in the practice of ‘Hello Money’ and would welcome any moves to control and eliminate such “sharp practices” from the Irish grocery sector.

It believes such practices jeopodise the businesses of local suppliers and damage the reputation of the grocery industry and responsible players within it.

However, a distinction needs to be made between sharp practices and legitimate negotiation which is vital to driving down costs and delivering value to consumers.

Musgrave Group has today written to Fine Gael to outline its position on its approach to working with its suppliers which is based on developing long term mutually beneficial relationships and to point out that it is fundamentally opposed to and does not engage in the practice of ‘Hello Money’.

In response to the Bill, Musgrave Group also reiterated its commitment to Irish suppliers and producers.

In this year alone Musgrave has invested €200 million to deliver price reductions to consumers across its Irish brands including SuperValu and Centra.

Unlike other retailer’s price reduction initiatives, these reductions have been introduced without compromising Irish jobs or Musgrave’s commitment to purchase from Irish suppliers.

Currently 75 per cent of everything sold through Mugrave’s retail brands is sourced or produced in Ireland and this is set to continue. These purchases are worth in excess of €2.85 billion every year to the Irish economy and indirectly support 14,000 Irish jobs.

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