Here’s to Irish wine lovers

There are some of us who can remember a time when the idea of stocking a diverse selection of wines, let alone employing a professional buyer for wines, would have been considered a lost cause on this island. However, that, for most of our readers, is such ancient history that it’s embarrassing to say you were there at the time.

It is therefore with great delight (and a little pride) that we can tell you that our partners at SuperValu were easily able to attract over 120 wine professionals and specially invited SuperValu customers to a tasting event early in August.

It was a summer garden party where guests were invited to sample new wines from the SuperValu Specially Sourced range, a selection of handpicked wines from some of the best vineyards. It was more than just sampling of course, nice though that definitely was. Experts offered insights into winemaking regions, SuperValu offered tips and advice on wine, and the garden offered an appropriately vineyard-like setting for the guests – key figures from the wine writing and selling world, a well as some lucky wine-loving customers who had won a special invite through SuperValu’s social media channels.

Is true that highlighting this event (and the fact that the Specially Sourced Nugan Estate King Valley Chardonnay was recognised  at the recent Great Taste Awards) is a great way of showing how seriously we take wine. We like to think that we have a talented wine buying team that seek out and stock the output of some of the best winemakers around and then bring their wines to you at competitive prices.

On the other hand, that’s the least we can do for a consumer market that continues to grow in size and sophistication. We will keep learning, keep tasting and keep looking for new and exciting winemaking talent from Europe and beyond. And, given the enthuiasm, knowledge and the  expertise of the average wine drinking consumer in Ireland today we’re going to have to!

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