Fun that makes a difference

On the face of it the Hurling Club Day hosted by Costello’s Centra was simply a bit of a knockabout for the kids. And why not? If the weather lets us hone our stick skills and have a bit of a laugh, that’s a good thing.

But the first of Centra’s nationwide GAA community events was also a perfect way to showcase a philosophy — well, a number of philosophies, in fact — that Musgrave wholeheartedly supports: encouraging community involvement, promoting healthy lifestyles, backing Irish sport and, of course, having a good time with friends.

And we really do have to hand it to Costello’s Centra and the Kilmessan Hurling Club. Their Family Day on Saturday the 11th of May had something for everyone: a hurling skills session for the kids of course, but also a barbecue, music, prizes and an art event; not a bad way of promoting community spirit, all in all. Certainly the over 100 kids at the skills session seemed noisily enthusiastic about it and — we hope — they learned a thing or two as well.

From Centra’s point of view there was also the serious business of celebrating its fourth year as sponsor of the GAA Hurling All-Ireland Senior Championship, and Centra was justifiably delighted at continuing its major role in one of the most popularIrish sporting pastimes.

But it wasn’t just about the GAA and Centra — and, to their credit, the organisers understood that from the outset. It was, and is, about community values and helping people to get involved — whether seriously or as a hobby — in sport. It’s a hard act to follow but local Centra stores all over the country are doing just that with Community Club events all summer.

We are, of course, grateful to everyone involved for not only supporting local communities, but for doing it in a fun way, too. But then why shouldn’t doing the right thing be fun?

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