Find Your Perfect Balance with Centra’s Live Well Yoga Challenge

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The benefits of incorporating yoga into your daily routine allow you to create strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body. Centra’s Live Well yoga challenge will help people do just that with a yoga exercise plan that suits all levels. Just in time before the mayhem of Christmas, the 15 minute yoga plan is perfect for people who struggle to find time to exercise or need a helping hand getting into a healthy living routine.

Created by yoga instructor Molly McKeever with the support of fitness expert Pat Divilly, the yoga plan is simple and easy to follow for all ages and abilities. From improving flexibility to improving sleep, Centra is encouraging people to take the time out of their day to try the 15 minute yoga challenge this November. Sign up on for the full programme plan, along with yoga videos to follow along to. The yoga routines are coupled with a healthy eating planner that will keep your eating habits balanced.

The goal of Centra’s monthly Live Well challenges is to make small, consistent lifestyle changes that will help you live well. The challenges can be done anywhere and can easily fit into your daily routine. The Live Well challenge not only focuses on exercise and well-being, it promotes affordable healthy food, as well as healthy meal plans and recipes, all available on online. Sign up on and join the 20,000 others taking part!

Centra remains committed to promoting a healthier lifestyle through food and fitness. By reducing shelf space for carbonates and promoting healthier alternatives instead, Centra sales of water have grown by over five times that of carbonates in the last year alone, showing growing consumer trends towards healthy alternatives.


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