Customers Say the New Budgens Concept Store in Crouch End is a Resounding Success

A new shopper survey has shown the Budgens’ new flagship store in Crouch End is a resounding success. Budgens commissioned a deep-dive face-to-face survey of shoppers at its Crouch End store to test the success of the store refurbishment and see how customers are responding to the new brand proposition.

The results show that attitudes towards the Budgens brand has improved across most brand metrics, with 9 out of 10 shoppers saying they’ll return and 16% more saying that Budgens cares about its customers. Shoppers now also report buying nine items per trip, more than double the amount before the relaunch.

The store, which is company owned and reopened in March after an extensive refit, is proving popular with high-end customers who are likely to also shop in Waitrose and M&S food, a key target market for the store.

Shoppers were asked the same questions before and after the refit, highlights include:

  • 98% of shoppers think the store is great for top-up shopping – up 6%
  • 97% think it’s a pleasure to shop at Budgens – up 12%
  • 93% think Budgens is an active supporter of the local community – an increase of 16%
  • More people think Budgens cares about its customers now (+16%) and that it offers fair prices (+11%)
  • 24% of shoppers now aware of Budgens campaigns/communications, compared to 11% before
  • 87% would choose Budgens because it sold more locally sourced products

Budgens was also recently named the ‘best top-up shop’ at the CTP awards, voted for by 20,000 UK shoppers. The Crouch End shopper survey supports this, showing that shoppers are using the store more frequently and are more likely using the store for a small top up shop rather than a distressed out of item purchase. More shoppers are now making regular visits to Budgens since the store refit, popping in an average of 3 times per week.

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