Coffee capsules for all tastes (and times of day!)

We can’t be sure but we’d guess that coffee sales went well immediately after the New Year celebrations. And now we’re all back at work, a decent coffee mid-morning is surely just the thing to get you re-acclimatised to regular working hours. But where do you get a decent coffee without breaking the bank? Well if you happen to be a Nespresso owner you’ll be delighted to hear that our friends at SuperValu have applied their genius for quality and value to coffee pods.

Signature Tastes Coffee Capsules is what SuperValu calls the range, and at just €1.99 per packet of ten coffee pods you can save a few euros on the dash to the nearest coffee shop with one of three, very different but very attractive blends.

Fans of coffee bean specifics will be pleased to know that all three are based on responsibly sourced Arabica and Robusta coffee bean blends from regions such as Columbia, Brazil and Vietnam. However, if the detail you want is more about flavour then you can take your pick from SuperValu Signature Tastes Smooth Lungo with its dark caramel and chocolate tones, the rich, nutty Classic Espresso, or — for a powerful pick-me-up that’s both robust and smooth — Intense Ristretto. That list, by the way, is also in rising order of strength. Why not try all three and see which coffee suits you and when?

You could even tinker a bit with your coffee recipe to fit a certain time of day — and we can help you with that. We and our retail partners like to add a bit of value to our food and drink offerings with recipe suggestions. So, if you’d like to try your coffee not as a daytime refresher but as an evening cocktail that’s sophisticated and unusual but still very tasty, why not save an espresso capsule for this:

Enjoy and, however you take your coffee, slainte, cheers, good health and Happy New Year from all of us at Musgrave.

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