Around the world in 8,000 walks

How far would you go in a good cause? How about 40,075km? That, in case you were wondering, is the distance you would cover if you walked right round the world.

But relax! You don’t have to run, walk or even crawl that sort of distance – even though that’s the basic idea behind Centra’s Walk the World initiative launched recently by TV presenter and fitness enthusiast Kathryn Thomas.

However, if we get quite a lot of people to walk, say, 5km each, we can together, make up the equivalent of a real walk right round the world. How many people? About 8,000. And we would like you to be one of them. Or more accurately, Centra would like you to be one of them when, on Saturday 17th October, over 200 Centra stores host the Walk the World walk in their local community.

Centra – and we – would also like you to raise money while doing it. So do please get together with people from your community and sign up at your local Centra (or online). Kathryn Thomas, who is, of course, taking part on that day may even join you on your walk!

The cause – the Irish Cancer Society’s Action Breast Cancer programme – is undoubtedly a good one. But there’s much more to this initiative than raising money on one day. There’s also the fact that walking is good for you, which underlines the importance of a healthy lifestyle too. And that leads on to a bigger message about health awareness in general.

Breast cancer is now the most common cancer in women in Ireland so not just money but spreading the word is important. By walking a mere 5km, you – and your community – will be making a big statement that people will notice and think about. Just like Centra’s Bag for Life launch (which we’ve also blogged about), what matters is not just money but people getting the idea and doing something – either to raise funds or to look after their own health. So make sure your fellow countrymen and women get the message. And if you need a way of underlining that message, buying and showing off any of the pink products on sale at Centra during Breast Cancer Awareness Month (especially a pink reflective vest for walking in) should also help!

As should this collective effort by people in towns, villages and cities across Ireland. And it’s much more social – and a lot less painful – than walking 40,075km on your own…

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