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Musgrave recently partnered with Access Earth to run a Volunteer Mapping Event on the afternoon of the 14th of June 2019 where colleagues, from the Airport Road office Cork, worked in pairs to rate various business places around Cork city on their accessibility using the Access Earth App.

Access Earth is the world’s first business and travel site for people living with disabilities (‘the TripAdvisor for people living with disabilities and their caregivers’). It was founded by Matt McCann – Matt has cerebral palsy and has struggled with accessibility challenges.

Access Earth is founded on three main principles – know more, do more, live more. They believe that they can open the world to this community by providing and crowdsourcing the most critical information to access restaurants, hotels and attractions (Know more). By providing this information, it will give those in the community the opportunity to go out and experience new things (Do More). With access to this information, they aim to inspire and encourage their community to find joy in life in spite of their challenges (Live More).

Over the course of an afternoon, colleagues rated 605 places.

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