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Frank and Honest announced their commitment to become the first national coffee brand to move to 100% compostable coffee cups and to celebrate, Fergal O’Kane (far right) from Frank and Honest, (l to r) Rachael Dickson, Associate Head of Ulster University’s Belfast School of Art, Caoimhe Scullion, student at Ulster University’s Belfast School of Art and former Miss Earth, Amira Graham, have launched a competition asking textile, art, design and fashion students at the University to create a wearable garment using only Frank and Honest compostable cups.

We’re proud that on World Environment Day (5 June 2018) we can say that Frank and Honest is the first Irish coffee brand to announce that all coffee cups will be 100% compostable by September this year and SuperValu is the first Irish retailer to introduce fully compostable produce bags, in 70 SuperValu stores.World Environment Day is a United Nations event to encourage people globally to do something good for the planet. It is particularly relevant this year as the theme is reducing plastic waste, the very plastic we want to eliminate in our cups. And on Friday, 8 June World Oceans Day will also seek to raise awareness of plastic waste that is making its way into our oceans – it is a stark reminder of the work that needs to be done in the food industry, by businesses as a whole and by individuals, everyone can make a difference.

With two million single-use cups being thrown away every day, we believe we have to start reversing the damage now, and the materials are starting to become available to make this happen. The Frank and Honest certified compostable coffee cups will be made from plant-based materials. After use, they can go in brown bins and will compost with food waste in under 12 weeks, creating nutrient-rich compost.

Reducing waste to landfill and encouraging recycling across our network is key to our sustainability policy. In our recent  sustainability strategy Taking Care of our World, we set out key commitments for the next number of years to reduce our impact on the environment.

On top of this we have made a pledge to make 100% of our own brand and fresh produce packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025, and we have already introduced fully compostable produce bags in 70 SuperValu stores  – the first Irish retailer to do so.

Whilst the new Frank and Honest compostable cups and the bio bags in 70 SuperValu stores are just the start of this, they are an important part of a movement in packaging that is only set to grow.

To highlight the news about the transition to compostable cups, this month Frank and Honest joined forces with Ulster University to launch a competition asking their fashion students to create a wearable garment using only Frank and Honest cups. The aim is to work with budding designers and recyclers of the future to help communicate the importance of sustainability in a fun and visual way.

The students will create detailed drawings of wearable fashion designs from which the judges, from the Ulster University and Frank and Honest, will choose the winner who will get a cash prize, the chance to make their creation and to have it exhibited at a special event.

Find out more about World Environment Day here

Learn more about our sustainability commitments


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