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At the recent Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) Leaders Congress, the future of shopping was discussed by an expert field with Alex Barry, Head of Insight & Analytics at Musgrave, sharing how, in an era of unprecedented social & cultural change Musgrave continues to build better brands.

At Musgrave, we know that store design directly impacts the consumer experience and as shopper needs change, so too do our stores. Our latest formats are community hubs, destinations designed so they are a pleasure to spend time in, with services that shoppers can access and enjoy. Our innovation agenda is big and technology driven solutions are being crafted to help better manage our in-store and online shopper needs.

As traditional e-commerce players move into bricks and mortar, the need to streamline our consumer experience grows. At Musgrave understanding the basic needs of our customers and offering technologically enhanced and customer centric shopping experiences drives our development ensuring we continue to grow good business. For more information go to www.musgravegroup.com/about-us/building-better-brands

Musgrave is a 141 year old family business, now in its 6th generation which feeds 1 in 3 people in Ireland every day.





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