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On September 25, 2015, UN member countries adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda. As a sixth-generation family business with a 141-year heritage and a strong set of values that guide our actions, Musgrave is committed to operating sustainably and to protecting our world for future generations. This is why we became one of the first companies worldwide to embed the UN Goals in our sustainability strategy; why we became the first food retailer in Ireland to become a verified member of Bord Bia’s sustainability programme, Origin Green, and why sustainability and long term thinking underpin our purpose: ‘Growing Good Business’. All because we believe growth should not come at the expense of doing the right thing. We believe that the establishment of the SDGs marked a new era in global development and that all businesses can use the SDGs as a guide to increase the effectiveness of their sustainability strategies. In this week of the SDG’s second anniversary, we would like to reaffirm our support and commitment to working with partners to grow good business. For more information go to http://musgravesustainability.com/

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