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Musgrave puts cyclists on the spot for safetyTeams of Musgrave drivers gave their time to assist with a recent HGV road safety awareness event in Limerick in collaboration with Limerick Smarter Travel, Limerick City and County Council Limerick Gardai and Musgrave, and was aimed at reducing incidences of collisions between cyclists and lorries or buses.

Musgrave sent a Centra lorry to the event, which was parked on a pedestrianised street with mats laid out to indicate where the blind spots are on a large vehicle. The purpose was to show cyclists and other road users just how dangerous it is to take for granted that truck drivers can see them from their elevated position.

One of the most dangerous and common situations occurs when a large vehicle is turning left. When positioned on the nearside of the vehicle, a cyclist (who may also be turning left or going straight ahead) may find themselves unobserved by the driver.

During the road safety awareness event members of the public were invited to climb into the driver’s cab and view the road from the lorry driver’s perspective so they could see for themselves that an object that’s easily spotted from the ground can’t be seen at all from a driver’s cab.

It was an eye-opening experience for all involved and was a great way to highlight the dangers in a visual and ‘real life’ way for the public to understand.

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