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Group shot BallymunCongratulations to our colleagues who won the Irish Human Resources (HR) Champion Award 2017 for the best Change Management Programme at the recent HR Champion Awards held in the Guinness Storehouse on the 24th March 2017.

These awards celebrate the hard work and dedication of HR teams operating at the front line of companies throughout Ireland, delivering ambitious programmes and transforming our business experience. This year competition was tough with entrants from many national and multinational companies from various sectors.

The HR Champion Award relates to the Change Management People and Behaviours Strategy delivered in MarketPlace in Ballymun as part of the development of the Food Emporium. The Ballymun Food Emporium launched to great success last year, a success made possible by the team who as a result of the training and support they received through the strategy were empowered to be able to participate fully in the exciting new development.

Catherine Lambe, HR Director said ‘Engaging all our colleagues with our vision for the Food Emporium was critical to our success. In fact all our colleagues developed a vision of what they wanted to create to make our Food Emporium different and better for our customers.  This engagement focused on providing Great Service to our customers about our ranges and involved up- skilling our colleagues on first for service training and product knowledge. We continue to have a full calendar of events for the team around food and service trends and changes to be delivered throughout the year.’

Congratulations to all involved!

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