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Feeding Ireland’s Future 2017. Picture by Shane O'Neill Photography.

Feeding Ireland’s Future 2017.
Picture by Shane O’Neill Photography.

For the fourth year, 550 young people across Ireland are being offered the opportunity to immerse themselves in the business world. Musgrave is once again taking part in ‘Feeding Ireland’s Future’ an initiative that aims to facilitate youngsters in work experience and personal development.

This month Musgrave will be opening its doors to Ireland’s young and unemployed for workshops and experience in a real workplace.

The scheme hopes to help young people with business skills such as CV writing, interview techniques, developing a personal brand as well as day-to-day working life exposure. The participants will receive first-hand advice from some of our employees alongside working with some of Ireland’s other great brands.

Some of the young people who took part in Feeding Ireland’s Future in 2016, said it “gave an incredible confidence boost through the CV and Interview Feedback” and that they realised they “don’t have to have a degree to get on in life.”  99% of those who participated said they were more confident about applying for a job after taking part in Feeding Ireland’s Future.

Minister Varadkar who met with Musgrave and other companies involved said: “This is a brilliant scheme and I’m really pleased that more young people can get on-site experience and first-hand advice directly from companies this year. The best way to find work is to know what an employer is looking for. So this is a great example of partnership between State and private sector. I look forward to similar schemes being developed with other sectors in the future.”


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