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The bag for life can do a lot for what is, essentially, a large, sturdy item for putting your groceries in. It saves time when you’re shopping. It cuts waste. It even helps the environment. Well now it’s doing even more: it’s helping to save lives.

So what has actually happened? Well, our friends at Centra have brought out a stylish new bag for life – and in true fashionista style it’s a limited edition. But it’s more than just a chance to look good when shopping – you can also feel good about the donation you make to the Irish Cancer Society’s Action Breast Cancer programme whenever you buy one of these bags.

Yes, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is imminent and this year, Centra has got together with stylist and fashion blogger Holly White and designer Justinas Alisauskas to turn the humble shopping bag into a chic little number to highlight this important cause. Our limited edition shopping bag features the Breast Cancer Awareness pink ribbon along with some very witty drawings of Irish cats and dogs. It’s available in September and October while stocks last. And for this unique and very striking shopping accessory Centra is only asking €3 (or more if you’re feeling generous).

On a more serious note, however, it’s about more than just the money. By carrying the daily, weekly or fortnightly shop in one of these special Breast Cancer Awareness bags for life, you will be raising awareness yourself and perhaps even giving people a nudge to do something for the cause – or (equally important) to find out more about looking after themselves.

So do buy a Centra Breast Cancer Awareness bag for life, and do be generous if you can. It’s about more than just pictures of our furry friends. But they are very, very good pictures.

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