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With the arrival of Spring, the best of Irish produce is now in season. SuperValu expects to sell €18 million worth of fresh Irish lamb in 2015 and €300,000 worth of Irish seasonal rhubarb, both of which are now available in SuperValu’s stores nationwide, just in time for Easter.

SuperValu’s lamb is 100% Irish, born, bred and reared in Ireland; the first of this new season Irish lamb is available in selected SuperValu butcher counters nationwide. SuperValu, the leading Irish grocery retailer, continues to command the grocery market in terms of meat quality, with more instore expert butchers than any other retailer.

SuperValu’s fresh Irish rhubarb, grown by Cork producer Roland Newenham, can be found in your local SuperValu now, retailing at €1.69 per unit. The Cork producer has supplied SuperValu stores nationwide with Irish rhubarb for over 30 years, supporting over 30 jobs locally. As one of the lowest calorie vegetables and containing vital nutrients such as dietary fibre, anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins, rhubarb is the perfect seasonal ingredient for home baking.

Eamon Howell, Trading Director, SuperValu, said; “SuperValu is the number one supporter of the Irish food industry and we continue to lead the way in terms of quality Irish produce. We are committed to sourcing locally wherever possible, with the best of seasonal Irish produce currently available instore – just in time for Easter. Our policy of exclusively sourcing quality assured meat products means our customers can be confident they are buying the best Irish meat, while supporting local farmers. Customers can avail of the expertise of our instore expert butchers, ensuring they are guaranteed the best cut of meat whatever the occasion.”

SuperValu serves over 2.6 million customers every week. 75% of everything on SuperValu’s shelves is sourced or produced in Ireland. SuperValu purchases almost €2 billion worth of goods from Irish suppliers which help to sustain 30,000 jobs in the Irish economy.

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