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28 of our store staff came to Musgrave House in Harefield last week for a personalisation workshop in preparation for Easter. They were given a 2 hour masterclass in egg decorating by chocolate experts, first practising writing messages on paper sheets and perfecting their art before learning how to write on the, slightly trickier, surface of the chocolate eggs.

They were shown styling techniques, how to prepare the icing, given an idea on how long messages should be and how long they need to dry once personalised for best results. Great fun was had by all, and, of course, a lot of chocolates were sampled. The attendees will now take their knowledge back to their stores and they will be busy personalising Easter eggs for customers over the coming weeks.

There will be three types of Thorntons personalised Easter eggs available in selected Budgens stores this year – the ‘Classics’ egg, ‘Moments’ egg and a ‘Special Toffee’ egg. This workshop was a first for Thorntons and Budgens is the only retailer with specially trained staff and able to offer personalisation in store.

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