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There are quite a few Daybreak stores throughout Ireland: over 200 at the last count and (as you can read on the Daybreak website) all of them are part of what is today Ireland’s fastest growing convenience store chain.

As ever though, they — and we — don’t want to get overconfident. It’s true that keeping up a good standard of service and building a fast-growing business are pretty impressive given the economic times we’re in (and, we hope, emerging from). But of course, we at Musgrave and Daybreak believe that growth and good service are connected, and we want to encourage both.

All of which is a roundabout way of showing how we’re trying to reward and encourage good service — and giving a bit of fanfare and a pat on the back to Kevin Forde. Kevin is the owner and manager of Daybreak Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, the winner of Daybreak Store of the Year. That’s even more impressive when you consider that we carefully shortlisted 15 excellent retailers and also honoured other stores in categories covering wine, hot beverages, food to go, confectionery and customer service.

The overall award, however, asked for great performance across not one but four key areas: products and services, environment, communications, and people and behaviours. But we didn’t just take the store owner’s or even customers’ word for how good each shortlisted Daybreak was. There were audits and assessments to make sure stores had earned the right to be on the shortlist, let alone win.

So as you can see, the winner and finalists certainly had to earn their night out at Kildare’s Killashee House Hotel for the awards ceremony, but they deserve all the praise they received. After all they’re fulfilling the role of Daybreaks everywhere to the letter: great places to buy food on the go, coffee and grocery essentials, run by people who understand and respond to the everyday needs of their communities. And they’ve proved that it pays off in terms of new stores and jobs — in other words, that growth and good service really are connected.


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