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It’s not just our retail partners who are adapting to consumers’ changing needs. Those of you who use Musgrave MarketPlace, our cash and carry brand popular with retailers and caterers, now have a choice of 100 new and rebranded Own Brand products on shelf.

We think that this should matter to everyone, and not just MarketPlace customers. Why? Partly because many of you may be enjoying some of our products when dining out at pubs, weddings and events and we want to be sure you’ll be well catered for – quite literally. It’s certainly a wide-ranging selection: value offerings and non-food equipment are included. Perhaps most notable, however, is our Musgrave Excellence range. We’ve given this a bit of a makeover this year to bring MarketPlace customers a range of almost 200 high quality dry, chilled and frozen products, keeping prices at a reasonable level while ensuring, with the help of taste testing by an independent panel of top chefs, that only the best products make it into the range.

But most important of all, perhaps, is the fact that this underlines our – and our partners’ – general commitment to all our customers. So whether you’re a pub owner, a catering group or hotel buying from Musgrave Marketplace or a homeowner doing a big shop at SuperValu or a busy office worker popping into Centra or Daybreak to top up the food cupboard or buy something for the evening meal, we must – and can and do – adapt to your many and varied needs.

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