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We feel our commitment to the Irish economy should be hands-on as well as market-driven. That’s why Musgrave is part of a collaborative project between government and industry (you can read more about this at http://www.ecrireland.ie/). The aim of this project – called Feeding Ireland’s Future – is to tackle unemployment. And as part of our role in this project we’ve been running career development sessions this week for 500 unemployed young people.

We’ve got a lot of knowledge in this company about the nuts and bolts of career development – stuff like preparing CVs, drafting applications, and preparing for interviews. We’ve also got people who understand how careers work in the modern world – the role of social media in particular. It’s great that we can share all this knowledge. And as a company with a lot of experience in an area for which Ireland is justly admired – food production, preparation and supply – we also think it’s entirely appropriate to offer our guests a site tour which can give them an overview of what a career in the food and grocery industry entails. After all, one of them could be our MD by 2030, so it helps to make a good impression!

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