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SuperValu has been highly visible in the news of late. And not just on this website. We like to think that many Irish followers of the business news on TV, in the papers and online have taken an interest in the changing face of what is now the largest Irish grocery brand in the country.

Of course, even if they aren’t scanning the business pages (and given the events of recent years, that may be a reasonable decision), readers in some areas of the country have probably noticed the name change of the 24 Superquinn stores earlier this month. They have now formally joined the SuperValu family. This name-change is being accompanied by a very big in-store investment programme in the former Superquinn network. But our partners in SuperValu don’t plan to stop there. The company plans to add three new stores to the network of 223 stores in 2014, and expand and refurbish 45 stores.

With just over a quarter of the market served by the combined SuperValu and Superquinn, you’d think they’d take a breather! But that’s not going to happen anytime soon; the pace of modern life is driving new ideas throughout retail to ease the pressure on customers. And neither SuperValu nor Musgrave has any intention of being left behind.

Some ideas, like online ordering, shopping apps and self-scanning, acknowledge the importance to more people than ever of electronic devices. And now with its first Drive-Through service in Ireland, SuperValu is making a significant gesture in the direction of the ubiquitous, and increasingly indispensable, car. It’s a gesture that will help many SuperValu customers to manage their busy lifestyle with just a little more ease. It’s being pioneered in Carrigaline where SuperValu has had a presence for many years. So if you’re about 14 km south of Cork, do try Drive Through out! It’s another small but, we think, important bit of SuperValu history.

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