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The annual Musgrave Triathlon is almost upon us. With the end of August as the target date and mid-July getting closer, those of you intending to take part might need to be on your bikes, on the road or at the swimming pool soon; the prospect of an 800m swim, a 33km cycle and a 10km run may seem a little less daunting after six weeks’ training!

With a €250,000 fundraising target for this year’s event going to Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin and Breakthrough Cancer Research, it’s as good a reason as you could wish to join other athletes in Farran Woods, Farran, Co. Cork on Saturday August 31st. It’s also a great incentive.

In this blog, however, we’d like to highlight, not just the millions that have been used to expand facilities at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, or indeed to fund cancer research, though in an economic downturn fundraising becomes a more serious business than ever.

No – on this occasion, it’s nice to note that so many Irish people are taking an interest in athletics, as indicated by the 500 or more participants we expect to see in Farran. Healthy living is one of the many areas Musgrave and its partners like to promote and one of the less obvious lessons of the triathlon is that it can be a relatively cheap (after you’ve invested in a bike and shoes), very sociable, and even enjoyable way to look after yourself.

And if that argument doesn’t entirely convince you, don’t forget the good causes! Find out more at www.musgrave-triathlon.com or ring Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland on 021 480 3000.

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