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The Marketing Society of Ireland describes itself as “a hub for networking, exchanging ideas and access to the latest in applied thinking around today’s consumer, brand and communications and all marketing matters”.

As you can imagine, therefore, it’s not an organisation likely to be easily impressed by just any old marketing idea. For example, when you put up a campaign for The All Ireland Marketing Awards you not only have to submit an outline of your programme to the Marketing Society of Ireland in March but you then must present to its judging panel if you get shortlisted. And if you make it past all that you will find yourself on a final shortlist of five major national brands and very much in the spotlight at the annual All Ireland Marketing Gala night in the Burlington Hotel in Dublin.

And that’s where the CRM team in the ICIT Department of MRPI found itself on the 23rd of May, fighting it out, politely of course, with other big names like Bord Gais and Irish Distillers, for the chance of winning the award for best Direct Marketing Campaign in Ireland in 2012.

And win is exactly what the MRPI team did. It won for what we believe is a very innovative campaign using strategic mailings to (as they put it), recruit, reward and retain customers. The precise details of the campaign can be found in our news section. The bigger picture, which is something this blog likes to address, is that this is yet another illustration of how Musgrave’s various parts — retail, warehousing, IT, management, logistics and so many others, including marketing, all bring into play enthusiasm and ideas that translate into better service and more customer loyalty — benefiting the group as a whole.

So it’s not just about winning awards but about doing a good job and getting results — which this campaign undoubtedly did. Of course, impressing The Marketing Society of Ireland is a rather welcome bonus…

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