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Musgrave and its partners are both very keen on being proactive: strategy rather than tactics is usually the order of the day, whether it’s rolling out new technology, developing training or sponsoring local community schemes.

But sometimes you have no choice but to react.

For example, Ireland’s weather isn’t famed for tropical heat but it does usually favour good growing conditions. Not this year, however. We’ve had a harsh winter and some pretty tough weather conditions generally. The upshot for livestock famers is the purchase of more fodder than they may have budgeted for.

The welfare and efficiency of farmers are important to us. We rely on the Irish agri-food sector and we have a responsibility to our suppliers and the farming community as a whole. So Musgrave, or more precisely, SuperValu, in partnership with Kepak and Oliver Carty, has responded to this.

These partners have established a €250,000 fund for Irish farmers to purchase fodder. The fund will be administered by the Irish Farmers Association (IFA).

As part of this assistance, SuperValu is offering the help of its vast truck fleet to move fodder from Dublin Port and around the country. An early result of this — in fact the first consignment of fodder from the brand’s €250,000 fodder fund — recently went to the fast-growing town of Carrigaline 14km south of Cork City. It was delivered to Carrigaline Co-op for the local farmers.

We’re proud of this effort by a valued retail partner but the point of mentioning SuperValu’s work with the fodder fund is not just to throw compliments around. It is to remind everyone — including ourselves — that the careful planning that has built up Musgrave and its partner companies over the years is not the only approach to a successful business. Sometimes you have to think on your feet — or, in this case, on your wheels!

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