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We’re big promoters of community initiatives and involvement but — let’s face it — we haven’t got a freehold on the term community and we don’t want one! In fact we’re delighted to support and promote any marvellous concept that celebrates and promotes community. And Street Feast, now in its third year, certainly is a marvellous concept.

The idea of bringing people together with their neighbours is laudable in theory but not that easy in practice — unless, of course, you find something that they all have in common. Hence Street Feast, which was started by a group of volunteers who were passionate about bringing people together through food. You will know about Street Feast, of course; you may even have your own plans for Saturday 23rd June. But we do hope you will take part if you possibly can. See what you can do at www.streetfeast.ie.

It’s a cause close to our hearts of course. Community is not just a marketing strategy or a positive image choice for Musgrave; it is, in many ways, what we are. Anything that encourages the idea and reality of community is to be commended and supported. Naturally we are proud of the way we and our partners have become involved in the communities that house our businesses and partners’ businesses up and down the length of this island and the UK, but we are also thrilled to give our backing to any initiative that bucks the trend of fragmented neighbourhoods and makes everyone feel part of their community. And Street Feast does just that.

Although of course this year we have, through our retail partner Centra, become directly involved in Street Feast, helping to support and promote Street Feast 2013. As a local retailer at the heart of hundreds of communities across the land Centra is thrilled to be taking part in Street Feast. We hope you — and your neighbours of course — will be taking part too.

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