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Holt in Norfolk is an important example of how well-coordinated community involvement, however modest the needs of the cause, can have an effect well beyond the immediate sum or gesture involved.

In fact the significance of the effort in this case was even greater because it involved Budgens of Holt hitting its first fundraising target following the launch of the Budgens Love Local trial at the store in January. The scheme guarantees that a percentage of spend with a Love Local loyalty card will go to a given local community project.

The focus of the fund-raising effort we’re looking at in this case was the purchase of two new six-man tents for the local scout group. The sum involved was a relatively modest £260. The point, however, is that it was raised with the help of 1700 customers who signed up to the Love Local loyalty scheme at the Holt store. That was the first extended effect. The second was that those loyalty cards saw use on 12,000 sales transactions. The third was tying in the Love Local scheme with the Championing Local Community brand priority for Budgens and thereby raising awareness of local shopping as well as local issues.

 We’ve said a lot in these blogs about countrywide initiatives like TidyTowns and triathlons that raise money and awareness on a regional or countrywide level. However, a very local undertaking by an individual store can be the start of something big in its own right — for local involvement and goodwill, for loyalty and, of course, for numerous beneficiaries in the area.

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