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It’s all very well having a great product with a good deal of commitment and hard work behind it. But to make that hard work pay you need to get all parts of the strategy right: the whole package in other words. And that includes the advertising campaign. We certainly had a powerful commitment to SuperValu Range and were keen to get the message across about the choice, savings and quality that it offered. The Say Hello to the new SuperValu Range ad campaign in Ireland perfectly captured that message and brought it simple, clearly and creatively to shoppers.

Certainly, that is what we thought. And the public response seemed to back the view that SuperValu had indeed delivered what it intended: a very consumer focused advertising strategy.

But when advertising professionals judging each other’s work have the same view that’s a real bonus. The institute of advertising practioners in Ireland (IAPI) is the leading representative and advocacy organisation for the Irish marketing and communications sector. When SuperValu was chosen as the Grand Prix Award winner for its Say Hello to the new SuperValu Range campaign at the IAPI AdFx advertising awards we knew that the teamwork between SuperValu and its agency had paid off across the board. If by some chance you did miss the campaign, have a look and see why the professionals were so impressed!

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