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Sourcing Irish and reinvesting back into the Irish economy is fine to say but it’s the real contracts that matter. Supporters of local supply now have over 100 good reasons to celebrate with SuperValu’s announcement of contracts with Irish suppliers — 104 of them — for 2012.

But these contracts — worth over €80 million — are important in another way. They form an important part of the continuing rollout of the SuperValu Own Brand range. The message this brings to consumers — that own brand innovation benefits local suppliers as well as offering keen pricing and quality— is an enormously powerful one.

And of course Irish water bottling companies, free range egg suppliers, sausage makers and ice cream manufacturers among many, many others already working alongside SuperValu, will benefit from the reach and brand awareness of SuperValu to bring their products to as wide a customer base as possible.

They in turn can put the money they make back into their own communities — including the SuperValu customers that buy their products. That way the economic benefits can be felt by everyone — including SuperValu — in a  sort of virtuous circle.

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