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We regularly mention the importance of community and local involvement in these blogs. It’s useful, therefore, to have our convictions underlined by others: the economic consultancy Economics Clinic for example. Its recent economic report was an important addition to the body of work that assesses the importance of local retail to local economies and, in some cases, local regeneration.

In this case the Economics Clinic focused on the contribution of SuperValu store owners’ investment in local communities in Ireland. The key findings from the report can be found on our news pages. Suffice it to say that not only local jobs and services like accountancy are boosted by the presence of a SuperValu store in a town but the stores take a very positive and proactive approach to Irish sourcing, which often directly boosts local economies.

The report makes it clear that in 2011 SuperValu stores regularly worked directly with local suppliers and bought products sourced from suppliers within their own local communities. That’s tens of millions of euros going to local enterprise and back into the local community and the wider Irish economy.

But don’t take our word for it. Commenting on the economic report, the Economics Clinic’s David McWilliams said, “In order to revive the Irish economy, small to medium-sized enterprise development must become a key driver of growth.” We couldn’t agree more.

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