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In our parents’ time convenience shopping would have meant popping down the road for the basics: bread, milk and tea, say. The performance of our retailers in communities across Ireland the UK and Spain shows how important this offering remains. At the same time, however, some habits are changing, influenced in particular by technology.

Would you have imagined sending a shopping order by phone 10 years ago? And yet today not only is it possible to do so but the price of smartphones has fallen so quickly that they may soon be owned by the majority of the population. As that happens, their usefulness will become ever more apparent and the accessibility of their amazing functions will improve as manufacturers tailor them more and more for ease of use.

And that is a wonderful opportunity — an opportunity we and our retail partners are embracing already. The recent announcement of the new SuperValu Online Shopping App, for example, takes the concept of convenience shopping to a whole new level and will, no doubt, be followed by others that take advantage of technological innovation that is now part of our everyday lives. In many ways,  these innovations, however new, are part of a philosophy as old as Musgrave itself: great food, excellent service and convenience.

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