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Musgrave Triathlon

A triathlon is about as tough as a race gets. It’s pretty impressive therefore that the annual Musgrave Triathlon can attract more than 500 athletes willing to put themselves through the incredible effort involved in completing an 800m swim, a 33km cycle ride and a 10km run.

But equally impressive is that the Irish Cancer Society, Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin and Breakthrough Cancer Research have benefited to the tune of over €3 million in the 11 years since it began.

This year’s triathlon takes place on September the first and if you feel you can do the training (and get the sponsorship of course) we’d be delighted to see you. If you think that getting fit for next year’s triathlon would be a more realistic aim we’d be delighted to see you in 2013 when we hope again to break through the €250,000 fundraising target. Just keep checking www.musgrave-triathlon.com for news of this year’s (or next year’s) event.

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