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If you’re old enough to remember the Irish teams that went to UEFA Euro 1988 and the World Cups in 1990 and 1994, you probably also remember striker Tony Cascarino. You may even have been cheering him and one of the Republic’s great goalkeepers Packie Bonner in the recent penalty shootout promoting SuperValu’s Trip of a Lifetime to Euro 2012.

Miss Cork Susan Brosnan was the referee for a fun event that will be a serious result for the lucky family that wins the SuperValu trip. It’s going to involve a number of major European attractions but the main event for many competitors will be tickets to two of Ireland’s UEFA Euro 2012 matches courtesy of Kia Motors.

SuperValu’s Trip of a Lifetime is already attracting a strong response on the SuperValu Facebook page and through instore leafleting, potentially making it one of our most successful promotions. Of course every football fan wants to part of an event that promises to showcase the skills of some of the world’s great players and boosts the profile of the hosts Poland and Ukraine. We’re rather hoping it will be a good one for the national team too…

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