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Continuous improvement may sound like a complex concept but in many ways it’s simple. Do you look for ways to improve access in your kitchen to make cooking easier? Do you reorganize shelves or regularly give away books that would otherwise add to clutter? Take that sort of thinking to, say, the way we develop promotions, and you have regular reviews of working practices that identify efficiencies or simple changes that bring about a better, simpler, cheaper and faster way of doing things.

One proposed improvement — centrally located promotions worksheets as opposed to multiple worksheets — is a perfect illustration of how very simple and how very effective continuous improvement can be. But the knock-on effects of finding ways to avoid rework and eliminate waste, or respond just that little bit faster can be profound. And if you get staff to be involved and feel that they can make a real difference — and benefit from the improvements they themselves have identified and put into practice — the benefits are multiplied.

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