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Attitudes are changing in the Irish market. Own brand has long been the norm in, say, the UK. However, until recently, own brand ranges were a great deal less popular in Ireland. As you’d expect from a company that aims to drive value for money as well as innovation in the market, we were among the first to see a real change in attitudes and respond to it. SuperValu own brand, of course, is a big part of that but the concept is equally applicable, if differently applied, to convenience stores where shoppers come for the essentials and want good, friendly and above all fast service.

Hence our recent launch of Daily Basics in Daybreak stores nationwide. Some 18 lines make up the entire Daily Basics selection offering a keenly priced, easy to find and perfectly named range that meets a clear need among consumers. It also boosts the reputation of Daybreak — both as a convenience store and as a market innovator. Own brand really has found a home in the Irish market.

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