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Just to prove that we don’t rest on our laurels, we recently moved from announcing the very high standard of SuperValu stores to outlining an expansion of the SuperValu network.

It’s right, of course, that we should praise and recognise the sterling work done by the SuperValu network. And that’s exactly what we did at the recent SuperValu National Conference, which also played host to the awarding of the SuperValu of the Year title for 2012. That was won, incidentally by Ryan’s SuperValu, Glanmire Co. Cork. However, it wasn’t easy to choose a winner from the many SuperValu stores that combine a well-run business with appealing pricing, a fine fresh offer, great customer service and a strong involvement in their local community.

But the fact that these stores go the extra mile in so many important ways doesn’t mean we can’t help them to go further. That’s why not only will we build on the appeal and trust of the SuperValu name by adding five new stores to the network over the course of the year but continue the refurbishment and revamps that are taking place in so many stores around the country. It is true that we have a winning story behind the SuperValu network — one that emphasises Irish jobs and producers — but that would never justify standing still. In 2011 the total purchases of Irish goods and services made by SuperValu, was worth over €1.5bn to the Irish economy. We think we can offer even more.

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