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In a continued drive to offer shoppers good quality products at great prices, Londis is launching its own range of pastries. And to support the launch Londis is running a half price promotion that will deliver a 20 per cent margin for the independent owners of its convenience stores.

Included in the range on offer from 26 February 2011 are:

  • Londis Sausage Roll – 6x165g
  • Londis Cornish Pasty – 6x199g
  • Londis Steak and Kidney Pie – 6x150g
  • Londis Chicken and Mushroom pie – 6x150g
  • Londis Steak and Onion Slice – 6x150g
  • Londis Chicken Tikka Slice – 6x150g

Willie Hamilton, Londis Trading Director said: “As shoppers continue to feel the pinch, price is one of the most important factors when deciding what items to purchase.

What we’re seeing is that shoppers are changing the way they shop, not only are they shopping more regularly at their local convenience store to cut down on wastage, they’re also becoming less brand loyal and are switching to cheaper ‘own brand’ products to help offset the increases they’re seeing in their weekly shop. By making these changes on everyday products, it’s possible to make substantial savings on a typical shop.

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