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Whilst the snowy weather has undoubtedly created some challenges for both deliveries to stores and shoppers getting to stores, it has also been the platform to highlight the ways in which Budgens retailers and their staff can shine through their commitment to provide the best possible service to their local communities.

For example, Andrew Fear and his team at Budgens Mountsorrel rose to the challenge this week using their mini bus and a 4-wheel drive to ensure their remote shoppers, living about six miles from the store, were still able to do their shopping in the heavy snow.  With the minibus parked at the top of a hill on a main road, Andrew went from door to door to collect the shoppers in his ‘truck’, ferrying them one at a time to the minibus.

Said one grateful shopper: “I think they’re absolute angels. When I first heard about the Budgens pick-up and drop-off bus service I thought my neighbour was making it up. To come out and collect us in this weather is fantastic. All the staff in the shop are always so helpful and always smiling. I can’t thank them enough.

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