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Londis has launched a ‘swap to save’ campaign to show shoppers how much they can save on a basket of shopping by switching from the branded equivalent to Londis own brand.

For example, with Londis own-brand products (RRP) a shopping basket containing oven chips, coffee, kitchen towels, apple pies, cola 500ml, tinned sweetcorn, bleach and flour offers a saving of a third compared to the branded equivalent. The ‘swap to save’ message, that Londis own brand is a better buy than the branded equivalent, is flagged up on consumer leaflets, which Londis retailers can distribute locally.

Says Phil Smith, Londis managing director: “In these tough economic times we know that customers are looking for value and Londis is committed to supporting its retail partners, enabling them to deliver excellent value to shoppers through an own brand that offers great quality at a better price.”

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