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Budgens is working with energy experts, Greengate, to offer its Budgens retail partners the opportunity to cut the cost of their energy and carbon emissions.

Says Daniel Quest, Budgens sales director: “We are working closely with suppliers to jointly drive efficiencies, which is why Budgens continues to be the partner of choice for independent retailers.”

Guy Warner, owner of Warner’s Budgens, says: “I was astonished that I saved energy even in my most energy-efficient store, so I immediately took the solution operation-wide. In a few months we’ve saved 21 per cent on electricity and 30 per cent on gas. What’s more, with Greengate’s Carbon Trust loan scheme I will effectively get my energy management solution for free!”

Many Budgens retailers are already enjoying the benefits of slashed energy bills. For example, Susie Hawkins who has a number of award-winning forecourt sites with Budgens stores says: “After just two months our Monmouth store is saving 22 per cent on electricity.”

Malcolm Tinkler of Greengate adds: “Most c-stores are using 10-40 per cent too much energy because of ineffective energy management. With a simple three-step plan and state-of-the-art wireless energy-management system, we help customers take ultimate control of their hungry assets and achieve immediate payback.

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