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The Action Cancer Big Bus mobile unit, which is the first of its kind in Europe, has now travelled 35,000 miles and it reaches the milestone as the charity that developed it marks the end of its 35 anniversary.

Action Cancer, Northern Ireland’s leading cancer charity, was established by renowned cancer specialist Dr George Edelstyn in February 1973 and the leading charity has been celebrating the anniversary year with a series of events.

The Big Bus, which is sponsored by SuperValu and its independent retailers, was launched in 2006 by Gloria Hunniford, whose daughter Caron Keating died from breast cancer in 2004.

Since the service was launched 11,000 people have used the unique screening, support and health promotion facilities onboard the 18 metre-long unit, including 7,000 women who have been screened for breast cancer. The unit visits 12 SuperValu stores a year, to bring services to staff and customers.

As part of SuperValu’s award-winning commitment to Action Cancer’s mobile cancer services, which they have sponsored since 2001, the independent retail group is funding over £600,000 towards the £1.5 million needed for the Big Bus in the first three years, including the annual running costs of £120,000.

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